This comes with: 1 Straw/1 Case/1 Cleaner

Every year, more and more plastic pollutes our ocean. Switching to a metal straw will reduce our carbon footprint in a small way, but if enough people commit to no more plastic straws, it will make a bigger impact on saving our ocean. If you love boba as much as I do, we can completely eliminate the amount of plastic straws we use yearly. 

Straw Features

  • 12mm diameter/215mm length
  • Stainless steel/FDA approved/BPA free
  • Mizu logo branding

Case Features

  • Wood; eco friendly
  • Improved straw protection/travel size
  • Mizu “wave” branded

**By purchasing this straw, you agree that I am not liable for any injury that you may sustain. Please remember to not bite the straw, and to be careful of the angled tip.

**Hand wash straw before using.