The word “Mewzuno” combines my love of cats, and my last name “Mizuno.” The brand originally started off with cosplay roots, and was an idea to offer merchandise outside the range of prints, books, and other paper items that cosplayers usually sell at conventions. The first product that was made was a blue, water-cat plush toy named “Mizu.” Thanks to the support of countless people, Mizu was able to be adopted into many homes across the world. Mewzuno has now expanded to offer lifestyle products that have been inspired from my journeys and travels through cosplaying.

A special thank you goes to Bearkid, Draa, and Grey; without them, this idea would have never come into fruition. Myself, and the many happy people who also love Mizu are so grateful to have had you take special care in his concept creation. I am so proud to say that this brand was built on not only an incredible idea, but an amazing friendship. Another thank you goes out to my mother, who throughout the brands’ growing pains (and gradual take over of her home), has remained supportive through the entire process. Lastly, a huge thank you to all of you who have supported myself, and the Mewzuno brand over the years. Without you, my dreams of cosplaying, and creating Mewzuno would have never been possible.